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Something that’s pretty cool on Hive is the number of creative challenges members come up with to encourage activity. As the ecosystem grows the number of possibilities grow along with. Add in some collaboration and even more fun happens.

I’ll start by briefly explaining three challenges running on Hive

Wednesday Walk

Started by TattooedJay, a photographer from the United States, the Wednesday Walks are a challenge to get people out walking and taking photos. The idea is where ever you are on a Wednesday, just go take a walk around. Take some photos and then write a post talking about what you…

Crypto and Blockchain Empowering Users and Developers

Image by author

During the 20th century business models that scaled their structure successfully grew and flourished. This is not the case in the 21st century. In this century building scalable digital ecosystems is what is driving success. Companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have all successfully built digital ecosystems on their platforms.

Being An Entrepreneur on Amazon

Amazon has enabled millions of entrepreneurial people and organizations to build their own businesses over the last twenty years. They provide an ecosystem that makes it possible for the smallest of businesses to bring their product to a global market and deliver the goods. BUT, Amazon always has the upper…

Financial illiteracy is a very real result.

Image from Pixabay

For several years I worked in the field of bankruptcy and insolvency representing debtors getting their debts under control. This would involve an initial assessment interview where I would need to ask enough questions to get a sense of what was going on with the person and how their situation had developed.

The majority of my clients were good people who had difficult situations happen. Some people’s income level is low enough it takes very little to trip them into unmanageable debt. Other’s drift into the situation because they haven’t had good advice on money management and think they have…

Writers will open up a whole new world for themselves

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Yesterday I celebrated my fifth anniversary of writing on a blockchain and earning crypto. A while later I had a chat with @WriterKat who has recently started on Hive and is helping out with the testing of @DreemPort. Thank you for your help Kathy Gerstorff

One of the items we talked about is the learning curve. There is a a lot more to learn about how a platform works in crypto. It’s not just write your post and build your tribe. That’s important. So is understanding the mechanics of earning and protecting your earnings. And the different ways of earning.

What A Journey It Has Been

Image by author

Yesterday I was head down on a project, creating a journal and covers. I checked through my Hive notifications and discovered a note from @hivebuzz reminding me of my fifth anniversary of joining Steem and now on Hive.

Hive is a hardfork of Steem which created a new blockchain with everyone from Steem getting an automatic account on Hive. A bad situation on Steem triggered the breakaway.

What a journey it has been. Hard to believe it’s been only five years. When I found the Steemit site that day I only vaguely knew about crypto. …

Image used with permission of photographer

A friend posted a picture on Facebook one morning of a huge green moth on a pillar of her patio. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it. It didn’t take long to locate it on Google. It was a Luna Moth, one of the largest in North America. Although, not rare, they are rarely seen.

In Canada they are found from Saskatchewan east and in the United States, east of the Great plains from Florida to Maine. …

Who knew folders could be so great? Just about anyone.

Image compiled by author from two Pixabay images and a screen shot of the Premio Folders Pro plugin

I’ve used WordPress for my website for years. I remember those early versions where it took going into the files and customizing them to get what you want. Now, we can accomplish that with the right themes and plugins.

One thing that has never been properly addressed with WordPress has been the way files are organized. As a site, or the blog on it, grows when you want to find a page or a post, you need to go hunting through the pages of them. That’s not even taking the media library into consideration. …

The August long weekend is a mixed bag for Canadians

Image from Pixabay

Most of the statutory holidays in Canada have a national purpose, but the August one, it varies from province to province. It’s not a statutory holiday in every province even though most employers give the day off. For those not familiar with the term ‘statutory (or stat) holiday’, it means a paid day off or overtime if you work it.

The most common name for the holiday is Civic Holiday. …

Just so you know, this is Hobo.

ShadowsPub took this picture

It’s been a while readers since Shadows left the computer alone long enough to let me run my paws over the keyboard. I think she’s kind of jealous of my writing style. She’s also been home a lot too, which I am not going to complain about. If I had my way, she would never go out the door, her place is here, tending to my needs. Well, mine and Tramp’s.

Have I told you about Tramp? I don’t think so.

After I lost my best buds, Dawn and Fawnya I was really…

Age is no excuse for being mean

Image by author

“Hey grandpa! How are you today?”

Grandpa showed up at the store at a busy time. Dad and I were busy with customers, a pop delivery and a small wares salesman waiting for an order. Dad was handling the pop delivery and cash register. Having just finished helping a customer, I was about to attend to the salesman.

“Just fine until I saw you.” No smile played around his lips. Did I hear that right? Yeah, I did.

Responding casually, as if inquiring about the weather, “Well, to hell with you” turning my attention to the startled salesman. I’m not…

Shadows Pub

Writer | Publisher — I write what catches my interest. A lot catches my interest. I create books to use. Life is a marathon, set your pace & enjoy the trip.

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