If you don’t fall, how are you going to know what getting up is like

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Today is one of those days where my mind has been jumping around from topic to topic.

Then I came across a quote from Steph Curry in today’s Prompt A Day email — “If you don’t fall, how are you going to know what getting up is like?”

Last week had about 50 entries, was one yours?

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The Ink Well Community has released their prompt for the second week of the DreemPort Challenge. We’ve partnered with The Ink Well during January. They are a community focused on fiction writing only.

To take part in the challenge you are not required to post in their community, just submit…

Contactless and simple makes a huge difference for me.

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When COVID hit I learned pretty quickly that I am high risk for it. The lung damage I have from a decade of working in a dusty environment would make a good outcome doubtful.

BUT, I was blessed with having friends in the community who cared.

One of them immediately…

Jump Into the DreemPort Discord at 12pm EST to Take Part

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I hope 2022 has started off well for you. There are interesting happenings all around us these days. As the creator economy picks up momentum.

The purpose of PYPT (Pimp Your Post Thursday) is to build community, give people opportunity to share posts with their peers and to get to…

Effective Frontends Will Drive Adoption

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I do a lot of reading in the course of a day. Most days I’m either reading or I’m creating something. I am subscribed to a variety of newsletters. Many of them send curated links, some send me articles.

It’s not often that I happen to read within short order…

Experimenting With Navel Oranges

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This month navel oranges were on for a really good price for a change. I had some extras picked up and decided to test what it would be like to dehydrate the wedges.

I’ve dehydrated orange slices with the skin on and used them with some success.

When I mentioned…

The prompt for the DreemPort challenge for this week has been posted.

I wrote the other day about the fiction challenge for January. Check out the post if you’d like to take part.

The prompt is: Unlikely Hero.

Unlikely heroes are those who surprise us by saving the day, or…

The last PYPT for 2021 was a very busy one.

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A great turnout and plenty of posts and chat happening. Thanks again to @sgt-dan for streaming the show to his follows on his Untamed Sarge feed on Twitter. Sarge has been a great supporter of PYPT and was very happy to make an exclusive agreement with him to stream the…

Writing Prompts Will Be Provided

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I’ve written about the DreemPort project before when it first went into testing. It’s continued to grow since then and to host regular writing challenges for testers to participate in. You can join at anytime and take part in challenges while writing on your favourite platform.

DreemPort partners with the Hive Ink Well community in January

There are many communities…

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