So many people long to get into a business of some sort. They hunt around for that perfect method. The make money fast solution. If they took the time spent hunting for the make money fast solution and put it into actually building a business. They likely would be making money by now.

Businesses are built, one brick at a time. Not all bricks are what goes into buildings. Every concrete step you take to put the pieces into place to start and run a business, is placing a brick. It’s building a foundation. …

Like our bodies, the brain needs a chance to switch off stress

We all need a break from reality. No, I don’t mean the kind where you need to be medicated and enter therapy. I mean the kind that gives your brain a chance to switch off from the day to day demands and stress.

Our body needs rest, so does our brain. When we give our brains time to slow down and rest before trying to sleep, we often will sleep better. How often have you found yourself bone tired and yet unable to settle into sleep because of your mind racing 100 miles an hour?

Colouring is one of the…

Earthquakes that shake the ground underfoot, will be held in place by roots of life.

Original Image from Pixabay, modified by author

This time last year I was watching the news reports of a virus creating mayhem in the Chinese province of Wuhan. I remember the growing sense of unease as their numbers grew each day along with the deaths and demand on their medical system.

One day, I read a report of the Chinese having built a hospital in a week — a week — to care for those with the virus. …

Celebrating the people we care about.

image created by author

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day of love and romance. When couples show in word and deed their affections for each other. It’s named in honour of St. Valentine one of the patron saints of the Roman Catholic Church. There is a lot of mystery and myth around who Valentine was and how he came to be associated with the day. The Roman Catholic Church added Valentine as a feast day in the 5th century. The date is said to be the day he was martyred. The cause of his martyrdom is part of the mystery surrounding him.

The great…

Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach. That quote by an unknown author was the quote of the day on my Prompt A Day email list today. I was mulling it over as I read some posts here on Medium.

image by author

Then I came across this post of @jaredabrock’s about the YouTuber with 8+billion views who has launched a burger business in the middle of a pandemic.

The kid, and he is a kid at 22, MrBeast has clearly not only committed to his decisions on how to run his channel and launch his burger business, he’s…

We’re in the first days of the new year. A year that so far is not looking much different than last year as far as the pandemic goes. Well, except…

Seth Godin is one of my favourite bloggers. I have subscribed to his blog for years and rarely miss a day of reading the email I receive. His posts are…

I love the learning process creating books gives me.

Image by Author

I’ve recently started creating books. Coloring books, lined journals and sketch books. Like all publishing, it’s a learning process. I’ve had fun creating my first coloring books. The first one was a fall and Thanksgiving themed book.

When my author copy arrived and I held it in my hands, it really was a delight. To see, touch and feel the result of the digital work I’d done was pretty cool. I opened it and started to leaf through it comparing how I thought the pages should be with how the printed and trimmed version came out. There were some pages…

Uptrennd University evolves to become part of DreemFlare

Image from

In the spring of 2020, right around the time the pandemic hit, a project was rolling out on the Uptrennd platform. Uptrennd is one of a growing number of crypto social sites. Sites where members post to earn cryptocurrency tokens redeemable for fiat (regular money).

In addition to posting, members are encouraged to engage with others on their posts. Points are earned when your post is upvoted and also on commenting but they can be lost when the comments or posts are spam and other members downvote.

The project, Uptrennd University, was designed to teach people of varying skill levels…

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