Write anywhere, even your own blog.

How often have you gone through the cycle of joining a platform, struggling to build your network and then seeing your work buried by spammers, scammers and popularity cults?

Or the volume of posts is so high, the competition for attention so stiff that you feel buried and defeated?

Ever tried those groups on Facebook where you drop your post and are supposed to look at others posts in return? Didn’t take long to realize there was more link dropping than link reading going on.

I’ve seen it on multiple platforms. From the number of posts on Medium I see…

Who knew folders could be so great? Just about anyone.

I’ve used WordPress for my website for years. I remember those early versions where it took going into the files and customizing them to get what you want. Now, we can accomplish that with the right themes and plugins.

One thing that has never been properly addressed with WordPress has been the way files are organized. As a site, or the blog on it, grows when you want to find a page or a post, you need to go hunting through the pages of them. That’s not even taking the media library into consideration. …

The August long weekend is a mixed bag for Canadians

Most of the statutory holidays in Canada have a national purpose, but the August one, it varies from province to province. It’s not a statutory holiday in every province even though most employers give the day off. For those not familiar with the term ‘statutory (or stat) holiday’, it means a paid day off or overtime if you work it.

The most common name for the holiday is Civic Holiday. …

Just so you know, this is Hobo.

It’s been a while readers since Shadows left the computer alone long enough to let me run my paws over the keyboard. I think she’s kind of jealous of my writing style. She’s also been home a lot too, which I am not going to complain about. If I had my way, she would never go out the door, her place is here, tending to my needs. Well, mine and Tramp’s.

Have I told you about Tramp? I don’t think so.

After I lost my best buds, Dawn and Fawnya I was really…

Age is no excuse for being mean

“Hey grandpa! How are you today?”

Grandpa showed up at the store at a busy time. Dad and I were busy with customers, a pop delivery and a small wares salesman waiting for an order. Dad was handling the pop delivery and cash register. Having just finished helping a customer, I was about to attend to the salesman.

“Just fine until I saw you.” No smile played around his lips. Did I hear that right? Yeah, I did.

Responding casually, as if inquiring about the weather, “Well, to hell with you” turning my attention to the startled salesman. I’m not…

You may find it addictive, fun and creative

Many who know me will read that headline and think “Oh oh, who has ticked Shadows off?” I’m going to talk about a different sort of tangling.

Back in April I invested in an iPad and Apple Pencil with a mind to start learning to draw on the tablet. While I can be a bit on the creative side, an artist I would never lay claim to. But, like writing, with enough patience and willingness to practice, drawing can be learned. So I’m told. I’ll let you know how that works out.

I’ve been putting the tablet to good use…

Learning about this new way to earn while getting paid to write has been an adventure.

Hive blockchain
Hive blockchain

In August 2016 I’d heard of Bitcoin because I had been reading about an exchange which had been hacked and millions of dollars worth stolen. I’d also heard about it being used on the dark web for nefarious purposes.

Never did I ever think it would be a way I’d earn and invest.It would also lead me into trying things I’d never tried and meeting great friends and community on Discord.

Adventure awaits if you’re willing to learn. My adventure started when I happened upon Steemit.com. It wasn’t a very good site from a design and layout standpoint. What drew…

I handwrite my notes and store them on my computer without transcribing

writing longhand on an iPad with Apple Pencil
writing longhand on an iPad with Apple Pencil

@jordanmendiola’s post the other day about the benefits of taking notes using pen and paper caught my interest. The primary benefit of writing notes is increased ability to retain information. When you take the time to form words on paper, your mind makes a stronger connection with them than typing on the keyboard.

I agree with him. I prefer to write notes when I’m doing research. I find I move through the work faster while retaining more of it. I also like the flexibility of being able to write little side-notes or even rough sketch a concept.

I Prefer Written Notes and Electronic Storage

I really do…

Steem and then Hive were the first decentralized blockchains for writers.

Your eagle eye on the blockchain space seems to have missed the release of Steem back in 2016 and then last year the hardfork from Steem, the Hive blockchain after Justin Sun tried to turn Steem into a decentralized in name only blockchain.

Hive is a proof of stake blockchain paying content creators in the token HIVE (trading at about 0.41 USD currently) Unlike ETH when I do a transaction on the Hive chain, I don't pay gas fees.

I was part of the Uptrennd platform with its 1UP…

So many people long to get into a business of some sort. They hunt around for that perfect method. The make money fast solution. If they took the time spent hunting for the make money fast solution and put it into actually building a business. They likely would be making money by now.

Businesses are built, one brick at a time. Not all bricks are what goes into buildings. Every concrete step you take to put the pieces into place to start and run a business, is placing a brick. It’s building a foundation. …

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