Steem and then Hive were the first decentralized blockchains for writers.

Your eagle eye on the blockchain space seems to have missed the release of Steem back in 2016 and then last year the hardfork from Steem, the Hive blockchain after Justin Sun tried to turn Steem into a decentralized in name only blockchain.

Hive is a proof of stake blockchain paying content creators in the token HIVE (trading at about 0.41 USD currently) Unlike ETH when I do a transaction on the Hive chain, I don't pay gas fees.

I was part of the Uptrennd platform with its 1UP token based on ETH, what a nightmare the gas fees are.

The Hive platform is an ecosystem of content in various forms, communities, games, video, NFTs, and of course for writers. Larger stakeholders on Hive work to find and reward quality content providers.

I've been part of both Steem and Hive since 2016. I agree that writers shouldn't shy away from earning with crypto. I've earned more in crypto than I have on Medium. But don't stick them with gas fees that make Paypal look like a giveaway when they can have the feeless life on Hive.

Having said all that, Hive can seem intimidating at first when you're used to a platform which will lead you by the hand. It's worth getting over the learning curve and into the world of crypto and earning crypto for content creation.

Once you find your way around, you may be surprised to find the thriving ecosystem the members have built without a central authority providing approval.

With the closing of at the end of this month, I've been part of a team working to help Trenndians get familiar with the Hive system. We've had three informaion sessions and will be holding future ones as well as being available on a daily basis to ask questions of in discord --

Feel free to stop by and chat. Just tag @shadowspub and I'll find you.

Writer | Publisher — I write what catches my interest. A lot catches my interest. I create books to use. Life is a marathon, set your pace & enjoy the trip.

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