Using Niji For Colour Images & Colouring Pages

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Recently I mentioned the NIJI mode available on Midjourney. I’ve played with it a bit in the past. Since I’m not real big on creating anime I’ve played mostly to see how it works and how it’s developing. Not long ago they started adding some styles to their Version 5 of Niji and then a Discord bot and its own discord.

I brought the bot into my server but have only played with it occasionally. I notice they recently had added another style which they have now made it the default style. You can access the styles on the Midjourney bot if you want to. I just prefer to use the Niji bot. It lets me know which one I’m using when I’m looking at past images in my channels.

The Niji model is a collaboration between Midjourney and Spellbrush to produce anime and illustrative styles with greater knowledge of anime. The new styles have given me some interesting coloring pages for one of my recent colouring books.

Today I decided to play around with the styles with both colour and colouring page prompts. I created an image in Midjourney using Version 5.1 with the RAW parameter which tends to give less opinionated images.

I then got the seed for that image and used it for each of the other images I created for this post. Both the coloured and the colouring page version.

The coloured prompt is simple, plain jane.

adult male cardinal on a rural mail box, vector, isolated on a white background — seed 1376092923 — ar 17:22

The colouring page has had paramters added to produce the page but is at the core the same as the coloured one.

adult coloring page, simplicity and clean lines, line drawing style, adult male cardinal on a rural mail box, vector, black & white, isolated on a white background — seed 1376092923 — ar 17:22

The only thing that will change on each of the following images will be either the bot or the style.


NIJI Default Style

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