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Word of the Day — Endeavour

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Nights of uncertainty lead to the dawn of self-realization on our most sacred journey, the endeavour of inward exploration. — ShadowsPub

If I endeavour to undertake a task or a journey, I’m making a serious effort and will persevere to see it through. Creatives, for example, will endeavour to stay with a project until it’s complete, no matter how often they struggle with the project’s vision, the process, the materials and even their self-doubt if they are up to the task.

The creative journey is a painstaking effort to bring a vision to life. The larger the project, the bigger and more sustained the effort is. The creative journey inevitably involves an inward journey as much or more than the outward work on the project. From the outward manifestation of the inward journey, beauty will arise from perseverance and dedication, blossoming like flowers in bloom.

There are days when sitting down to write these reflections; I find myself labouring over three to four hundred words like I was writing two thousand. On other days, the words will flow from my fingertips, seemingly without effort. I stay with the task as I am drawn to share these writings.

The creative journey mirrors that of the inward journey.

When you think of the flowers an artist may add to their canvas, each petal represents a step, a lesson learned, an obstacle overcome. The blend of colours displays the emotions, challenges and joys on the path of self-discovery, self-expression, personal and spiritual growth. The shadows cast by the petals remind the viewer of our inner shadows. Our journey will call us to explore and come to understand as being part of ourselves, not to be hidden.

Emerging light represents the clarity and understanding we seek on the journey. It will open a new chapter of the journey. Don’t expect the journey to end. Life isn’t about one inward journey to healing and growth. Life is a constant endeavour of inward exploration, movement, insight, and growth, and then we may pause before starting again.

You can choose not to take the journeys if you want. You will likely find yourself struggling against the inner pull toward the light. Our subconscious makes itself known and nudges us toward the path, even if we think we don’t need to. How long will it take to draw you into the journey?

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