The Universal Face of Valour

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Valour is the flame that flares up inside, burning away fear, leaving the strength to act courageously and with resolve to reach a goal. — ShadowsPub

In the 1850s when Queen Victoria was commissioning the Victoria Cross she was asked if it was to be inscribed with “For Bravery”. Her response was any man who fought was brave, this medal was to be for extraordinary acts of courage. Thus, it was inscribed, “For Valour” and became the highest battle honour a soldier could receive in the then British Empire, later the Commonwealth.

I’ve had the honour of having met some of the Canadians who were awarded the Victoria Cross in WW1 and WW2. It always struck me as I chatted with them, just how ordinary they were. They were indeed ordinary men who, in the face of extraordinary circumstances, found an inner strength that moved them to take selfless action to protect others.

Many years ago, accompanied by a group of war Veterans, I did Remembrance presentations with elementary school children. When the time came the children were allowed to ask questions of the Vets, it was always an interesting time.

One youngster rose to ask “were you afraid?”. The men exchange looks between them, very aware these were impressionable children. One of them quietly responded “Yes”.

There was a brief silence broken by the same youngster asking a follow-up, “Why did you fight?” More looks exchanged and one of the men responded, “Well, we’d made a promise to fight for Canada and didn’t want to let our mates down.”

Felt the fear and did it anyway.

In peacetime, first responders go through the same experience. They know their safety is at risk when they respond to a call for help. But they respond. They don’t want to let their mates down or those needing help.

Have you considered the valour you exhibit when you work through painful issues as part of a journey of personal healing and growth?

It won’t earn a Victoria Cross from the King, but, you might want to consider the strength and resilience it takes to go through the experiences. It takes…



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