The Furry Art of Nurturing — Listen Up Shadows!

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Hobo here. Damn, it’s been forever since Shadows let me near the computer. I got her the other day though. She spent some time visiting with her brother and sister-in-law, leaving the computer wide open and not paying any attention to me.

Did I have fun exploring. Been watching her messing around with something called ChatGPT and Midjourney. I poked around in that ChatGPT thing though. I’ve heard Shadows call it ‘artificial intelligence’, it may be artificial but I’m not sure about that intelligence part.

Do you know I had to tell it to answer me like a cat would answer? Like really? How stupid could it be to not know I need to know cat answers not human answers? Well, at least it takes direction. After a few attempts it got the message not to give me anything but cat stuff.

So why did I want to bend it to my will? After all, it wont be feeding me any time soon or cleaning my litter box. There’s nothing warm and cuddly about it. But, if Shadows can get sense out of it, I can do better. So there’s that. I’ve been kind of curious.

Shadows has been listening to something called ‘Clubhouse’ and I hear conversations on there about personal growth and nurturing. I’m not sure what that nurturing thing is but I have never put personal and growth together. What the heck, if that gets me better living, I’m all for it.

OH, I might warm up to this AI thingy, it’s said “nurturing is as important to personal growth as a warm spot in the sun is to a perfect afternoon nap.” I’ll read on. This thing might be smarter than I thought.

It’s mentioning nurturing is not just about a well-groomed coat and the bliss of a good brush down. Apparently I needed to inform the dummy I’m a short-hair cat. I do my own coat grooming and don’t need brushing. Speaking of which though, Shadows, you really should brush that long mop of yours more often. It looks great when you do, rather ratty after a while when you don’t. You know I’m not a fan of rats or mice for that matter, well except to play with.

It says my curiousity needs to be stimulated and I need the right support to boost confidence. What the heck? I don’t need anyone stimulating me to be curious, what would life be without me being able to poke my paw into…

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