The Artistry of Spiritual Innovation

Word of the Day — Innovation

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Spiritual innovation is the art of navigating the invisible dimension while living in the physical dimension. — ShadowsPub

Innovation is taking an invention and developing it further or using it differently to solve different problems. The internet was originally invented for secure military communications, it’s now a vital part of our lives. Charge-coupled devices were developed for memory storage, they enabled the development of digital cameras.

I had a grandmother and an uncle who both lived past 100 years of age. As they approached their birthdays I took some time to look back over how the world changed in the century they had lived. It was astonishing how much had changed.

Telephones hadn’t yet started appearing in homes when my grandmother was born in 1896, they’d arrived by the time my uncle was born. Cameras were around but were awkward to use, only available in black and white and required film to be developed. Television, computers and the internet were not in existence.

By the time they turned 100, we carried a phone in our pocket that had a camera and a computer hooked up to the internet and we could watch television on and more on it. Just one example of innovation being navigated in the physical dimension.

Spiritual innovation in the invisible dimension is a more personal process than dealing with change in the physical dimension. You can think about it as the natural outcome of releasing ideas of personal limitations and allowing the universe to manifest new ideas.

I’ve seen this play out in my own life in the last few years as my creativity has grown. I’ve been more open to being the writer I wanted to be, letting go of negative messages on the topic from others. I’ve seen myself willing to explore new areas like, well, podcasting and generative art.

In the process of being open to allowing my creativity to develop, I’ve also opened myself to recognizing the divine energy of creation is within me. I’m a reflection of my creator. I’ve learned, God is not some energy in the sky looking down.

God, source energy of the universe is within me. It’s a relational interplay between my energy and source. In…



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