Slow Internet Isn’t Always Your Provider

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4 min readOct 28, 2021

The solution could be in your own equipment

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Remember the days of dialup connections? The satisfying screech of the modems connection and the blazing speed of 56kb modems? Pretty slow by today’s standards. The first modem I ever used was 300baud… could have walked it faster.

Over the last several months I’ve been experiencing my connection slowing down. At times it felt like I was back to those old dialup days. I live in a rural area. Actually in a sort of pocket where even getting TV hookup is a challenge.

Limited Options for Connection

There’s no cable connections available. Satellite is expensive and often doesn’t have reliable speeds. I considered myself lucky to be right on the edge of the coverage area for a DSL connection when I got it several years ago. Until local infrastructure is upgraded, my options are very limited.

Watching the connection speeds getting slower was bad enough. Then the connection started dropping several times a day. I called the provider and we tried a few things to check the modem and lines in. Everything seemed okay. It’s older tech they told me, its going to be less efficient over time.

The best I could hope for was a housing development in the area forcing an infrastructure upgrade. I can live with what I have. I like living in the country with few neighbours around. Gotta take the good with the bad.

Information Shows Up In An Unexpected Place

Recently I read an article on Medium where the author was gushing about the new iPad mini released earlier this year. I’m not in the market to replace my mini just yet but I was curious what it offered. As I was reading through the specs there was a reference to WIFI 6.

I’d never heard of WIFI 6 so off I went to have a hunt.

The last time I added a router to my network was about 10 years ago. As long as it was working, I never really thought about it. You know, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it sort of thing.

Assuming the router I had on my network was the current standard when I bought it, I was using a WIFI 4 router which came out in 2009. WIFI 6…

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