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You can’t grow as writer if you engage in spamming others.

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We all tend to be busy in our lives. There never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish what we really want to get done.

Sometimes it’s because we’ve let squirrels draw our attention away.

Sometimes it is because we’re off on our estimates of how long tasks will take. Amazing how we always estimate less time than is needed.

On site I used to write on comment spam was a major problem. Actually a couple of sites I’ve written on have had awful comment spam issues.

Comment spam is someone leaving a comment for the sake of commenting and showing no indication they have actually read the post. People thought that hurrying through posts and dropping spam would be profitable.

On one site I was on they rewarded you for commenting on ten posts each day. It made the comment section of posts a waste of space full of ‘nice post’, ‘interesting’, ‘right on man’ etc.

The other site (now defunct) rewarded comments with upvotes. The site attracted a lot of spammers who quickly figure out it was profitable to spam comments and then get a group of your friends to upvote the comments. When the problem got to the point it couldn’t be ignored, they tried to crack down.

When the spammers figured out their previous spam was now starting to cost them with downvotes, they started reading the first and last paragraph and making a comment that referred to just that. Their spam was a bit more sophisticated but still spammy.

Writers who posted anything longer than 2–300 words would often get complaints their work was too long. Again, the spammers trying to rush to profit.

Some of the moderators on the site took an interesting approach to fight the first and last reading. They would write a first and last paragraph on one topic and then put something different in the middle of the post. Often there would be a line like “comment with the word “system” or I’ll downvote you”.

Then anyone who didn’t use the word in their comment was downvoted. It was a fascinating way of pushing people to slow down and actually read the content. Once…



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