Quandaries as Crossroads in Life’s Chess Game

Word of the Day — Quandary

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On the chessboard of life, a quandary holds a question. In the silence of thought are the forward movements. — ShadowsPub

A quandary is a state of uncertainty over how to respond to a difficult situation. Its origins are uncertain, but it’s believed to be possibly Latin in origin. It first appeared in the 16th century. Quandary is often used to describe internal conflicts someone tries to work through.

Being in a quandary is often related to cognitive dissonance, where beliefs held are inconsistent with actions taken or being considered. Consider news reports of events where finding the right and wrong of the issue has so much nuance and a gray area, and it’s a struggle to square the situation with your own beliefs.

In most cases, those issues won’t directly change your life. The example is a big-picture view of what a quandary is.

To bring the picture in, think about a situation where someone you care for reveals something about their beliefs or actions that’s at odds with your sense of right and wrong. The revelation will give you a quandary about how this new information impacts your perception of the person.

Decision-making can be complex. Spending time in thoughtful introspection becomes vital to understand your feelings and viewpoints. Quandaries create internal chaos, a mental struggle to find a path to a solution.

On a personal journey toward growth and awareness, quandaries become obstacles that can’t be ignored. They need to be examined from every possible angle. Then, their relationship to your actions, viewpoints, and beliefs must be factored in.

They become a crossroads for which a direction needs to be determined. Once understood, the quandary becomes how or if you must integrate this new awareness into your belief structure.

As children, our viewpoints and interactions with others are often driven by approval from parents or friends. As thinking and caring adults, we often face the need to square childhood beliefs and attitudes with who we want to be as an adult.



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