Playing With Dreamscapes in Midjourney

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As I’ve played with Midjourney I’ve found that sometimes I can get some interesting effects by creating images in layers rather than trying to get them all into one prompt. Today I was playing with dreamscapes using a paper cut style.

Paper cut gives an effect as though someone has created the picture by cutting and layering paper to form the design. I’ve seen some beautiful images created with the style but I’ve not played with it before.

Using the Blend Command

In version 4 Midjourney introduced a /blend command that allowed you to add multiple images which were then blended into one image. I played with it briefly in version 4 but didn’t often use it. This morning I created a couple of images and then tried blend in version 5.

This first image is one of the dreamscapes with paper cut design I created.

created by author in Midjourney

I then created an image of Kawaii people dancing. By doing a separate image, the people wont have the paper cut design applied.

created by author in Midjourney

Then I used the /blend command to get this image:

created by author in Midjourney

I liked the result but would have seen it take up the whole image space. But, if I wanted to use it for something I could always crop the excess white out and upscale the image.

Playing With Layered Images

Another way to get different styles into an image is to create them in layers which is a term I’m using because I relate to it. Basically the idea is you create a base image in the style you want and then use it as a reference image to add another style on in the next image and so on until you’ve added the elements you want.

You wont be able to control the output, it will be up to midjourney how it adds the subsequent…

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