Nurturing Growth Through Reflective Roots

Word of the Day — Reflection

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As above, so below; the tree’s reflection tells a story of balance, harmony, and the delicate dance of existence. It shares the story of our reflections. — ShadowsPub

The word “reflection” comes from the Latin word “reflexio” meaning “a bending back”. Reflective thought involves thinking deeply about a topic and then allowing those thoughts to reflect back toward you and how the topic shows up in your life.

It’s something I do with these words of the day I’ve been doing. I start with the word, explore its meaning, contemplate how to visually represent the word in an image and then craft a quote to reflect how the image speaks to my understanding of the word.

I then explore deeper with the word and how it can be viewed from a spiritual perspective. I have a Christian bias when I explore the meaning, but, I look beyond to other faith traditions and how their perspective views the word. It’s fascinating how many similarities I discover.

In the quote today, “As above, so below” is most commonly associated with Hermeticism yet it can be seen reflected in the Bible in passages like the Lord’s Prayer, “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”.

The word reflection is seen across the wisdom traditions as a deepening of relationship with the divine, gaining insight from the natural and spiritual world and seeking higher truths.

In many ways, the word being explored each day becomes the trunk of a tree. It’s rooted in its origins and how the use of the word has evolved over time. The roots and trunk are the structure of the word.

The branches and foliage are the many paths the word takes me. Often, exploring the word leads me to unexpected insights or ideas coming into sharper focus and understanding.

Spending time in meditation, prayer and reflection is something I’ve been more deliberate in doing in the last few years. In doing so, I’ve reignited my desire to broaden my viewpoints and deepen my understanding on faith and spirituality.



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