Nature’s Symphony

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I like this time of year. As spring takes hold and we head toward early summertime, I especially like the early morning hours of the day. As my day starts I can take some quiet time to just listen into my surroundings.

Living in a rural area, it’s the time of day when there are the least number of cars traveling by my home. The birds and other wildlife have an opportunity to be heard. Mostly the birds right now as it’s not warm enough for open windows. Once I can have the windows open at night and before the heat moves in forcing them closed and the AC running, if I am quiet enough, I can hear the hum of insects.

Occasionally my day will start to the sounds of coyotes yipping in the distance. From my desk I can look out and occasionally get a glimpse of wildlife moving around. I was startled one day to watch a deer appear out of no where and wander around my neighbour’s yard. I’ve foxes and an abundance of smaller animals moving around.

I laughed the day I watched a kingfisher make its way across my other neighbour’s yard to the shoulder of the road. Standing on one long spindly leg with the other bent upward I got this image in my mind of it ‘hitchhiking’, awaiting a car to pick it up.

There’s a natural rhythm of the natural world. A symphony where each player from the smallest to the largest plays their part when their time comes. In many ways it’s like they are responding to some unseen conductor. That’s a rather human viewpoint born of the observation that bringing larger groups of people together requires some form of leadership to avoid the inevitable chaos that will evolve.

The leadership exists in nature, it’s less obvious. It’s driven by a more simplistic need for survival than a need to have power and control over the survival of others. The wolf kills an animal for survival, eats its fill and moves on. People find the need to kill more than it needs, not to share with others, but to make a profit from others lack

Beyond the welcomed sounds of nature is a silence. This silence isn’t an absence of sound, a void into which nothing flows. It’s merely a pause in which there is a serenity, a tranquility to the world. It’s interesting when in a group of people, a silence often leads one or more people present to feel the need to fill the silence. In nature, it’s…

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