Midjourney Bloopers

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3 min readMay 4

Having some fun with looney results

Two sisters in a canoe trailing loons — created in Midjourney by author

This morning as I was preparing my podcast I went to Midjourney to create the image for it. Most Thursdays the image comes up pretty easily, but today was, let’s say… interesting.

Today I was sharing a story about my sister and I trailing loons with a canoe when we were younger. I used this prompt for the images:

2 loons glide across the water of a quiet lake watched by a teenage girl and her younger sister sitting in a canoe holding their paddles, early summer morning light, vivid color

The image in the header of this post was the one I ended up using. Here’s some of the other options that came up:

Midjourney seemed to have decided to have a mother loon guide the two sisters away from the young loonlet in the water. At least I’m assuming that is a young loon and not a baby duck.

This one would have been a good candidate for the podcast image if not for the extra child in the canoe. Even though the girls never got that close to the loon in the story, it was a nice representation of the story.

Look at these three loons, it appears they were rather giant in comparison to the size of the canoe. They were likely on the lam and checking their six in case they were being pursued.

Here an adult loon joined the girls for a chat about life as they drifted near a couple of trees growing up out of the water. The lake was surrounded by forest but not that close.

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