Let’s Look at the Hive Ecosystem

Crypto and Blockchain Empowering Users and Developers

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During the 20th century business models that scaled their structure successfully grew and flourished. This is not the case in the 21st century. In this century building scalable digital ecosystems is what is driving success. Companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have all successfully built digital ecosystems on their platforms.

Being An Entrepreneur on Amazon

Amazon has enabled millions of entrepreneurial people and organizations to build their own businesses over the last twenty years. They provide an ecosystem that makes it possible for the smallest of businesses to bring their product to a global market and deliver the goods. BUT, Amazon always has the upper hand. They always have control because it’s their ecosystem and they are inviting those entrepreneurs in to add to their bottom line.

I publish my books on Amazon. I’m well aware that for every dollar I make, Amazon is also profiting. That’s business. It’s not without value return for me. The printing costs of the paperbacks are cheaper than I could get from any other supplier. I don’t have to take the time and cost of shipping product. If my customer is a member of Amazon Prime the books are shipped at no charge. Amazon’s algorithms do some of the marketing for me even without me paying for their advertising service.

BUT, that upper hand is always there. I must follow their rules and they have the right to shut me down completely if they believe I’ve broken the rules.

The Hive Blockchain

Recently I wrote about the last five years since I discovered the world of crypto and writing to earn it.

I also wrote about the value of taking the time for the learning curve in crypto.



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