Fun With /descibe, niji, seeds and infrared in Midjourney

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6 min readMay 28

I really enjoy exploring macro photography images. They bring the world into sharp closeups. This morning I thought I’d spend some time playing in Midjourney by starting over at Pixabay and selecting some photos from their macro photography stock.

I chose three of them, then brought them into MJ using the /describe command which attempts to describe images it’s given. My original thought was using it on macro photography would help me to learn terms in order to create macro images. I’ve played with using ‘macro photography’ but was looking for terms to refine the images.

I soon discovered, using the images as a base created some interesting images to play with. So, I set out to do some playing. /describe gives you four options and you can simply press one of the options to have MJ generate the description as a prompt. I had each of the four prompts generate and then played with the one I liked best.

One note here, I don’t use the names of other artists in my images. That’s just too close to ripping off their work for my taste. The /describe command does use names, so when I see them in a description I remove them before generating the image set. It changes the output but doesn’t matter to me.

Midjourney lets you get the seed for your image sets. The seed is a generated number that it will read and attempt to recreate the image set. It’s great when you’re wanting to do variations on the same image. Well, close to the same image as it turns out. To get the seed use the envelop emoji. If you don’t find the emoji, you can set it with :envelop: When you use the emoji Midjourney will respond in your DMs.

So, let’s explore what I ended up with. I’m going to share the prompts as well.

Soap Bubble

I started with this image from Pixabay

This prompt caught my attention:

a glass ball sitting in the snow with light reflecting on it, in the style of attention to fur and feathers texture, light yellow and gold, sunrays shine upon it, irregular organic forms, matte

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