Exploring Styles With Courage

Shadows Pub
7 min readJun 7

I’ve spent countless hours finding and compiling lists of terms I can use in Midjourney, or any generative art tool, to craft prompts for images and the effects I am trying for. Colors tend to be reasonably consistent but use of terms for styles is where the fun can be.

There are terms that are fairly traditional types of art styles like illustration or pop art. Then there are terms of lesser known styles and words the tools will pick up and make use of.

Today I’m using the word ‘courage’. Yes, just the word and an aspect ratio accompanied by changing styles from the lists I have compiled. Why just a single word? I find it fun to discover the type of images Midjourney will generate from a simple word prompt. The results can often spark me trying it out with other prompts.

So here’s the fun I had today. On some of the grayscale results, I tried the same style again and added ‘colorful’ to the prompt to see if I can get the effect with added color.


A Zentangle image would be a complex arrangement of beautiful, intricate patterns, often black and white. The drawings are typically done on a small square tile and can be abstract or representational.

Colourful Zentangle


This image would be characterized by complex and colorful patterns that mirror each other in symmetrical sections, much like looking through a kaleidoscope.

Pop Surrealism

This art style combines elements of pop culture with a dreamlike, often eerie or disturbing quality. Images might include fantastical creatures or exaggerated versions of familiar objects or characters, often with vibrant colors.

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