Creating Content on the Blockchain Part 9

Governance & Witnesses

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This post is part of a series I’m building to help beginners on Hive learn the basics. My goal is to help you to get a base to build on your time on the platform.

Covered So Far

I’ve created an index post showing what is covered in each part of this series.

Visit the Index to review what has been covered.

Who’s Running the Show?

In the last part of this series I wrote about the lack of a company running the Hive chain. There is no controlling entity deciding what gets built and added to the ecosystem.

Being used to being in a world where someone or some entity is ultimately in charge. This concept of decentralized ownership took some getting adjusted to. Even when a community was supposed to have ownership in the Web2 world, there was always some form of group calling the shots.

That doesn’t really happen on Hive.

There are some aspects driven by the code the blockchain runs on, like your voting. Most other ‘rules’ are arrived at mostly be a loose agreement of the community.

As you explore around the chain you’ll find posts with discussions about various ‘issues’ on Hive. Someone will post what they see as a problem and propose a solution. Others will chime in. Discussions can go on forever on some items.

For some people, if the code lets you do it, then they will do what they want. Others will try to get a sense of how the community feels and govern themselves accordingly. Some will try to impose their sense of order through the use of large stake.

The Blockchain Needs A Different Mindset

It can be an adjustment to get into a mindset of finding your own path and doing what you feel is right. If you read Part 3 of this series where I talked about voting, I addressed the question of voting on your own posts.

My suggestion was to not upvote your own posts as some of the larger accounts frown on it. In the comments on Hive, one of the larger accounts put forward he’s not one who frowns on doing so. He considers upvoting your own work to be a…



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