Index: Creating Content on the Blockchain

Index to the Series

This is your guide to the series I’ve created called “Creating Content on the Blockchain”

The series is written for people new to the Hive blockchain to help guide them through those first confusing and often scary steps into Web3 and the blockchain.

Hive is more than content creation. I’ve focused this series on content creation to avoid creating confusion. Hive is a constantly growing ecosystem of many activities that members can participate in. Explore, learn, grow.

Part 1 — Getting Started

  • Getting Signed Up
  • Keys For Your Account
  • One Account Multiple Places to Login
  • Hive Keychain
  • HIVE, Hive Power (HP) and Hive Backed Dollar (HBD)
  • Resource Credits
  • Getting HP to Get Started

Part 2 — Taking Your First Steps

  • A Note About Visibility
  • Where to Post
  • Frontends
  • Communities
  • Your Profile Page

Part 3 — Expectations / Rewards / Voting

  • Let’s Talk About Expectations
    — Investment over Income Stream
    — When the Price of Hive Falls
  • How the Rewards Work
    — Upvotes
    — Downvotes?
  • How Upvotes / Downvotes Drive Rewards
    — Deciding Who to Vote For
    — How the Upvotes Are Shared
    — Should I Upvote Myself?

Part 4 — HP Groupings / Build a Following / Content / Posting

  • The Hive Power Groups on Hive
  • Getting Started Building a Following
    — Creating Content
    — Good Post Practices
    — Original Content
    — Crossposting
    — Images
    — Tags

Part 5 — Let’s Talk Communities

  • Communities
  • Let’s Have A Look At Communities
    — LeoFinance
    — Foodies Bee Hive
    — Photography Lovers
    — Hive Open Mic
    — Scholar and Scribe
    — Ladies of Hive
    — Wednesday Walk
    — Thoughtfuldailypost

Part 6 — Writing Posts

  • Posting Social Audio Content
  • Writing Twitter Like Posts
  • Formatting Posts
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • The Basics of Layout
    — Visuals
    — Titles & Subtitles
    — Writing the Content
  • Let’s look at a few items to pay attention to

Part 7 — Being Seen and Building Your Following

  • Discord For Text and Voice Chat
  • Curation Projects
  • Voting Trails

Part 8 — Gamefication & More On Being Seen

  • Hive Buzz
  • DreemPort
    — What DreemPort is
    — DreemPort Challenges
    — DreemPort DIscord
  • -Pimp Your Post Thursday — PYPT

Part 9 — Governance & Witnesses

  • Who’s Running The Show?
  • The Blockchain Needs A Different Mindset
  • Who Governs the Code?
  • The Witnesses? Who Are They?
  • The Consensus Witnesses
  • How Do The Witnesses Get Support?
  • How Do You Choose Who to Vote For?

Part 10 — Native Coin & Tokens

  • The Native Coins
  • The Hive Engine
    — Proof of Brain
  • Using Hashtags to Earn Tokens
    — Travel Feed
  • Tipping Tokens

Want to go deeper into understanding crypto and the D’apps here on Hive? You need to check out this series by NiftyPhil. He writes for newbies to be able to follow his guide in this often confusing world.

He’s recently indexed the series he’s been building. Visit the index and keep it handy for when you want to learn something new in crypto.

Crypto Noobs

Another series he’s not indexed yet but I think you’ll find of interest:

What is an NFT?

  1. General overview of NFTs as a whole for noobs
  2. Deep dive into how vIRL NFTs can be used for commerce
  3. Overview of how musicians can sell music as NFTs
  4. Some ways that blendable NFTs can be used for various things
  5. A look at NFTs being used in DeFi
  6. Benefits of legal documents as NFTs
  7. NFT Ticketing



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