Could This Be the Face of Climate Change?

Shadows Pub
5 min readJun 2

Today I thought I’d try something different. First with ChatGPT and then with Midjourney. Using ChatGPT 4 with web access I told it to survey the projections for climate change as though it is 2070 and global temperatures have risen 3C. I asked it to project what our climate around the world could be like.

The projections were not far away from what we’ve been hearing for some time now, including but not limited to:

  • extreme temperatures and heatwaves
  • rising sea levels
  • significant changes in precipitation patterns
  • impact on agriculture and food security
  • change in the patterns of disease spread
  • loss of biodiversity

Some of the effects we’ve been seeing through extreme weather events around the globe. As I write this parts of Canada has been experiencing massive wildfires earlier in the season than ever before, including in Nova Scotia where wildfires are rare.

Then I had ChatGPT generate some image prompts to reflect the changed climate in 2070. I mostly wanted to see if MJ could produce the projections. I let it produce some generalized prompts and then I asked it to project what iconic places could look like. The prompts were interesting, as were the results.

“A city skyline with half — submerged skyscrapers and sea creatures swimming among them”

“A mosaic of a lush green field transitioning into a dry and withered one”

“A crowd of people of all ages and backgrounds standing on a diminishing piece of land, surrounded by rising waters”

A melting glacier transforming into a roaring sea”

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