Bye to 2022, Hello to 2023

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4 min readJan 3

Well 2022 is in the books and just like clockwork, 2023 has arrived. I was asked New Years Morning about what I wanted to see in 2023. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to 2023 as a block of activity and/or intent.

My response was talking about how the intentions I entered 2022 with didn’t happen at all. Other things happened. It can be argued if what did happen instead was better or maybe as good as the planned intentions.

So my response for 2023 was “let’s see what the fuck happens”.

Well, I suspect the person asking let that go by cause she knows her ability to make me think about something. Here I thought it was Snook over on the Hive chain, with that #snookmademedoit power. Seems there is #alessandramakesyoudoit now as well. God helps us, if the two of them ever team up, some of us will need to seriously head for cover.

Anyways, here’s the deal so to speak.

In 2022, I had primarily planned to create books, lots of books. I created and published — two.

I had planned to write but wasn’t too worried about the consistency of it. More like, when I have time between books. I did not bad in January, but in February and March — pretty much NIL.

Then I met the previously mentioned person, Alessandra White. She invited me into Creative Work Hour. It’s a project she started to create space for people to come together for at least an hour a day and create whatever they want to create. Or even chase squirrels if that floats your boat that day.

Low and behold, I started writing more.

For 250 days, I wrote something and published it every day. In early December, the chain broke. I didn’t get upset about it. December can be a busy time. I decided to just chill the rest of December and start over on January 1st. The desire is to go 365 days this time. No pressure though, cause I don’t do pressure.

Next I ended up co-hosting a weekly Twitter Space, #HiveSpace, hosted by @alessandrawhite and fellow cohost @epodcaster. Then CWH started a Space and host @alessandrawhite asked me to help along with cohost @andysporring. I’m noticing a theme here with hosts. Just saying.

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