Abstract Doodles Coloring Book

Shadows Pub
3 min readFeb 15, 2023
Front and back cover mockup of Abstract Doodles coloring book

Recently, while plumbers were busy getting my water back on, I was busy using MidJourney in my discord server. By the end of that day, I had created probably about 75 images and selected 40 of them to create a colouring book from.

I used the same basic text prompt and added a variety of objects and themes to generate the images you can see above.

Creating the images is just the first step. Once I had created them and upscaled them using MidJourney I then loaded them into Paintshop Pro. PSP is a graphic editor similar to Photoshop. I’ve used it for years. The 2023 version added AI driven upscaling, a feature I’ll be using.

Midjourney generates a default image of 1024px square. I can use ratios to generate images but it doesn’t allow me to direct it to generate specific image sizes. That means I have to process each image to get the size I want.

Images for print need to be 300pixels per inch. For a 7.75” x 10.5” image, the image needs to be 2,325 x 3,150. If you’re going to put a border on the image, then reduce the image size by that amount. I used a 10px border on each image.

To turn the images generated in MidJourney into coloring pages each image had to be upscaled and trimmed as needed to get the exact size needed.



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