Time Does Indeed Fly

Image from Pixabay looks a lot like my Hobo

I was surprised the other day to notice it had been two weeks since I last posted anything. My first thought was..

Naw, that can’t be right it’s only been like, a week. Maybe in my head but not in reality.

What’s that cliche? Oh yeah — time flies.


Age is truly a mindset for him.

Ken with his daughter Marlene Skitch (on left) at his Legion November 7, 2021. Greeting on right created by Author. Image used with Marlene’s permission.

I remember my Uncle Ken telling me that he wouldn’t let my grandmother call herself old until she reached 100. That prompted me to ask what he told her when she did get to 100? He laughed. Grandma passed at 101.

Today — November 19, 2021 — Uncle Ken turns…

Preserving Pumpkin For Later Use

Dehydrated Pumpkin on left from one about the size of pumpkin on the right. Image by author

Most people think of using pumpkin for desserts like pumpkin pie. Some people will carve a pumpkin for Halloween and then purchase canned pumpkin puree to make pumpkin pie after having tossed out the Halloween pumpkin. They are available in abundance at this time of year. …

Halloween is a very popular night.

Halloween 2021 Image by Author

Anyone who knows me, also knows, Halloween is not an event I get excited over. I’m aware a lot of people look forward to it. I was amazed a few years back to learn there is huge money spent at Halloween and it’s not…

The solution could be in your own equipment

original images from Pixabay.com. Modifications by author

Remember the days of dialup connections? The satisfying screech of the modems connection and the blazing speed of 56kb modems? Pretty slow by today’s standards. The first modem I ever used was 300baud… could have walked it faster.

Over the last several…

Half the fun is showing up

Pimp Your Post Thursday Image by Author

Attendance was up this week. Seems more people are learning that Pimp Your Post Thursday has returned. PYPT is a live curation show held in Discord. It’s an opportunity to put your, or someone you like, work out in front of others.

Unlike dropping your link in a group and…

Pimp Your Post Thursday live curation show returns to Discord

Image by author

Back in the fall of 2017 I started a voice chat on Discord that became known as Pimp Your Post Thursday or PYPT. It was and still is a show that encourages people to support each others posts. It grew in popularity at times running as long as four hours…

Prompts help you trigger your creativity.

image from Pixabay

You ever think about writing a post and your brain just goes… blank?

Then you open your writing app hoping for inspiration and you get… blank?

Those are the times you need a trigger. Something to spark your creative fire. To send you off into a writing frenzy. Well, maybe…

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